I love and live photography. For this reason, I support many photography projects . They are my food .
For stomach , heart and soul.

" You must hurry if you want to see something , everything disappears . " - Paul Cezanne


Chernobyl     ->www.moegrafie.de/tschernobyl

Photographs in the abandoned city of Pripyat with the Playmate Tina Ohliger.

Glass negatives     -> www.glasnegative.com

For 20 years I have been collecting glass negatives. They just fascinate me. (flash is required!)

Photography lessons at school     -> www.moe4.de/medienbildung

For 10 years, I have been giving photography lessons in schools for young people. (The site is in German only)

Venty the fan    ->www.venty.de

My first photo project and my first exhibition in 2003. A fan in search of the meaning of life. The project was the beginning of my career and already shows the style of my storytelling. (The site is in German only